Rajamouli Son Debut As An Actor

Published : Nov 23, 2016 12:21 am

Hero son becoming Hero is a common thing but Director son becoming Hero is something interesting and rare which include heroes like Allari Naresh, Gopichand into the list, there is another fresh face adding into this list. Brilliant Director S.S.Rajamouli is now getting ready to launch his son Karthikeya.

In the Audio launch of Baahubali First part, Rajamouli gone all praises for his son's hardwork. Without him i wouldn't have completed this film said Rajamouli. Karthikeya has a company of 'Showing Business'  with video making, trailers. This made everyone to think that his son will make a Directorial debut but to all surprise he is making debut as a lead actor.

It looks like Karthikeya is being trained from a while. Rajamouli family includes a Director himself, Story writer Vijayendra Prasad, Music director Keeravani, Line producer Valli Keeravani, Costume designer Rama Rajamouli and if Karthikeya makes his debut as an actor 24 crafts of Cinema will be in his family. Whether Rajamouli himself will direct his son or approaches another director will be a surprising factor.