Special Photo Shoot For Baahubali 2

Published : Dec 13, 2016 10:48 am

Much awaited sequel of The Epic Bahubali Conclusion part has come to an end except some VFX and graphical effects. Team wraps up shooting on Dec 27th and the casting team will be set free from then and so Rajamouli planned a Photo shoot on Dec 15th, Thursday. Photo shoots usually happen before the film or during the film but in case of Baahubali it is reverse as Rajamouli using this trick to vigorously promote Baahubali part 2. He wants to publicize with Photo shoot rather than releasing the actual character stills like in Baahubali part 1.

Complete cast of Baahubali takes part in this Photo shoot. After this Rajamouli puts his heart and soul completely into graphics work because it is very important for epics like these and on other end he focus on the dubbing work for other languages. Baahubali the conclusion part is all set to bring it on 70mm screen on April 28th, 2017.