Eating Chocolates Will Cure Diabetes Type 2

Published : May 18, 2016 07:12 am

You might be wondering how come eating chocolate will cure diabetes type -2. yes what you have heared is absolutely right..!! Eating chocolate will cure diabetes type 2. There's been a research going on in Europe in Laxenburg institute for health and by university of warvic South Australia and they have conducted research on a total of 1,153 volunteers and they have conducted this research for the age group from 18 years to 69 years old and what they have observed is that people who are having 100 grams of chocolate a day are having very less chances of affecting with type 2 diabetes and more over they have noticed that people who had 100 grams of chocolate looked very young and more active.

you might be wondering how come people eating chocolate will not be effected by diabetes and in fact they are very much prone to diabetes if they have chocolate but there is a small difference between the type of chocolate we eat i.e.,  there are generally two types of chocolate one is normal chocolate and another is dark chocolate and people who had 100 grams of dark chocolate are very less prone to diabetes because people who had dark chocolate the ingredients In dark chocolate named "COCO" will not allow the pancreas to generate insulin and because of this diabetes will be in control but one should not take this as an advantage and start eating chocolate because scientists say that the quantity of chocolate per day should not exceed 100 grams.