Ali Political Entry

Published : Aug 24, 2016 03:00 pm

Before 2014 elections there is a rumour that comedian Ali is going to enter into politics. He wants to contest from Rajamundry for assembly seat from TDP party but Chandrababu Naidu allowed the ticket to another one. Ali is having lots of love on his home town Rajamundry. When he is having time he will visit his town and doing good works there.

Recently he attended one private program held in his home town. Some people questioned Ali about his entrance into politics Ali said that there is lots of time for 2019 elections. Let's wait and ask this question before elections he said. He also told that I will arrange a big road show and announce my political entrance.

Ali is very close to Pawan kalyan and some people asked about Janasena Party. For that question he answered that even I am also waiting for Pawan kalyan participation and I only know what ever you knows. Foe special status question Ali said that we have to ask and take the special status not with fighting.

After looking at his answers many are saying that Ali is having a master mind and he will surely success in politics. Let's wait and see for 2019 politics.