Babu Bangaram Movie Review

Published : Aug 13, 2016 11:29 am

Movie : Babu Bangaram
Banner : Sitara Entertainments
Starring : Venkatesh, Nayanthara, Sampath Raj, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore, Prudhviraj, Chitram Seenu, Brahmaji
Music : Mohamaad Ghibran
Producers : S NagaVamshi, PDV Prasad
Director : Maruthi Dasari
Release Date : 12th of August 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 30mins

In top 4 senior Hero's if any one asks who is the hero doing family entertainment movies, we will tell Victory Venkatesh name with out thinking also. He took long time after 'Gopala Gopala' movie to confirm his next project. Finally he agreed director Maruthi script and movie Babu Bangaram happened. Nayanthara is acting as a heroine in this movie. Venkatesh is acting as a funny police in this movie. The trailer cut is awesome and attracted all classes of audience. Venky showed up his trademark comedy in this movie and it will be the highlight for this movie. With huge expectations movie released on 12th of August 2016. Let's see the movie story now...

Story : 
Victory Venkatesh introduced as a Zamindar Rayalu in the first scene. Getup is good for Venkatesh and that getup resembles before independence era getup. Venky looks fab in this scene. Rayalu grandson is Acp Krishna (young Venkatesh) who is a police officer in that city. It's time for first fight and Krishna is showing his funny moments in fight too. Krishna is a very kind hearted person and always at doorsteps who needs help. Once he decided to help he will do it what ever it is. Because of this nature some people suffered alot. 

One day when he is on duty he saw Selvi (Nayanthara) and fell in love with her. He is off duty now and roaming behind Selvi. It's time for the first song 'Mallela Vaanala' and song is looking very nice. Vintage Venky and Nayan combo is looking awesome in this song. Bathayi Babji (Prudhvi) introduced as a fruit merchant and Brother in law of Nayanthara. 30 years industry Prudhvi comedy show begins here with his imitation on other star Hero's. Second song 'Snehitudo Sevakudo' started and this song will surely grabs your attention for sure. Some twists happened here. It's time for interval. It's a average first half. Little bit comedy and story is good till now. Cache story will made you feel comfortable till now.

Second half started with some comedy note. Some comedy scenes between Babji and Venky is looking good. Because of one incident Krishna changed as a serious cop and the elevation scenes are awesome. Fight scene is happening here and Venky showed up his seriousness in that fight. His acting as a angry cop is highlight here. Some boring scenes started and director tried to drag the scenes. It's time for title song 'Babu Bangaram' song. Sonam Bajwa is showing her beauties in this song and she is looking damn hot in this song. Love scenes between Nayanthara and Venky started and we will feel bore with those scenes. Posani Krishna Murali is very good at his role throughout the movie he made us feel enjoying. It's time for climax and huge actions scenes are good to see in climax. Finally second half comes to an end. With below average second half movie ends up as a average flick at box-office.

Performance wise Venkatesh is back to his genre and how will surely enjoy Vintage Venky through out the movie. Nayanthara is strictly restricted to glamour show and songs only. There is no scope for acting for Nayanthara in this movie. Prudhvi justified his role and he made us laugh with his comedy. Posani character is well designed and with his performance he made us feel good. His character is the main highlight of the movie. Director concentrated on the movie story and missed Venky trademark comedy.

Technical Department : 
Music is good to listen and background score is very good. Especially in fight scenes Bgm is top notched. Screenplay is not up-to mark. Camera work is good and cinematography is awesome.

Positive Points : 
* Venky Acting
* Story
* Action Scenes

Negative Points :
* Screenplay
* Lack of proper comedy

Final verdict : Babu Bangaram is a Another Average flick for Venky

Art24news Rating : 3.00/5.00