Babu Survey On Powerstar

Published : Nov 29, 2016 10:35 am

Intelligence reports , very famous and common word we are listening frequently these days. Their main work is how ruling party working and how people thinking about them , how people thinking about opposition party . This is their regular work and full time job. Normally ruling parties will use these intelligence agencies to know about public talk. 

Recently one famous intelligence agency did survey in Andra Pradesh politics. They tried to take public  opinion on Power star Pawan kalyan Janasena party. In every constancy they took 100 samples. In those samples old people, students, housewives, rich, poor people are there. In total 175 constancy's they did this survey. Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu is the main person who is behind this survey and he wants to know what people are thinking about Janasena party. 

Some questions in this survey
* To which party did you vote in 2014 election?.
* Do you think Pawan can pull Ap politics?
* Do you think did Janasena will go to next elections without any support?
* Which party do you think will get supported by Janasena?
* If Janasena go to elections without any support ,do you vote for Janasena?

Like this there are around 20 questions in this survey. Till now Kapu, Balije, Vaddera people are supporting Pawan Kalyan . BC , SC, ST people are not caring Pawan is the inside talk. Pawan is having good following in Uttarandhra.

Let's wait and see for complete survey results.