Beware Of User Rating

Published : Jul 04, 2016 12:03 pm

Previously all of us used to buy products by checking the quality but now most of us are buying products online. What about quality? how it could be known to us about quality of that particular product which are bought from online shopping? most of us would say Customer rating. Before buying any product most of us will to see customer rating and then decide whether to buy or not.

In any online e-commerce website when we buy product,the rating of particular product was given by users who already bought that product,If the product is very good then rating would be 5 or 4,if it is average then it would be 3,if it is bad then 2 and so on.So all will think that if user rating is good then quality of that product is good and we can buy that product but this is wrong.

A survey done by Colorado bold university in America says this is wrong,they examined around 1272 products of 120 types by comparing their quality directly and with user rating and concluded that the quality is not based on user rating but by its brand that particular product belongs to and the name of that brand in the from now don't see customer rating to buy any product online,see product brand,fame in the market etc.

Hope you will buy in this way. Happy online shopping.