Bhethaludu Movie Review

Published : Dec 01, 2016 06:41 am

Movie : Bhethaludu (Saithan)
Banner : Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Starring : Vijay Antony, Arundathi Nair , Charuhasan , Meera Krishnan
Music : Vijay Antony
Producers : Fathima Vijay Antony
Director : Prathi Krishnamurthy
Release Date : 1st of December 2016
Time Duration : 2 hours 5 mins

Bichagadu fame Vijay Antony came up with another film titled 'Bhethaludu'. Recently released first looks and trailer got huge response from audience. Bichagadu got blockbuster collections in Tollywood, with this success he released this high budget film in Tamil & Telugu at a time to increase his market. Wanna check if Bhethaludu reached Bichagadu range then lets get into complete review.

Story : 
Dinesh (Vijay Antony) a software engineer marries an orphan girl Aishwarya (Arundathi Nair). After 10 days of their marriage life Dinesh experiences some incidents. He feels a haunted voice saying 'Kill Jaya lakshmi'. This indirectly makes him commit suicide. He consults psychiatrist and he hypnotizes on Dinesh to bring past birth happenings. His name is Sharma and his wife name is Jaya Lakshmi. Dinesh knows that he is being haunted by Sharma. Why dinesh is haunted? How Jaya lakshmi faced him in present life? Is rest of the story.

Vijay Antony again came up with unique gutsy concept. Director straightly came to the story without any deviating commercial elements. Haunting voice creates enthusiasm throughout till interval and bangs with identity of Jaya lakshmi. Second half starts with flashback. After revealing the story director dragged till end. If thrilling scenes complete in a thriller audience feel bore with rest of the film same happened with Bethaludu.

Vijay excelled as usual in dual roles. There is no variation in both the characters but Vijay handled both very well. Arundathi Nair is appreciable and the rest of the characters are OK.

Technical Department :
Vijay once again gave his best in music as in Bichagadu mainly background score. Camera work is good. Scenes before action scenes in second half need some cuts and tight screenplay.

Positive Points : 
- Story
- Vijay Antony
- Background score

Negative Points :
- Slow pace narration
- Pre climax

Final verdict : Bethaludu is a new experience story wise for movie lovers.

Art24news Rating : 3.00/5.00