Chuttalabbayi Movie Review

Published : Aug 19, 2016 08:12 am

Movie : Chuttalabbayi
Banner : Sree Iswarya Lakshmi Movies,Sri Entertainments
Starring : Aditya Pudipeddi, Namitha Pramod, Saikumar, Raghu babu, Abhimanyu Singh, Brahmanandam,PrudhviRaj, Krishna Bhagavaan, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Posani krishna Murali, Ashutosh Rana
Music : S Thaman
Producers : Ram Talluri, Venkat Talari
Director : Veerabhadram Chowdary
Release Date : 19th of August 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 30mins

Audience needs entertainment in movies. They just need the relaxation for 150 minutes movie. That's why producers and directors are concentrated on that genre movies and trying to be some new. 'Aha Naa Pellanta' and 'Poolarangadu' movies director Veerabhadram is famous of doing fun based movies. His recent experiment is 'Chuttalabbayi'. Did Veerabadram succeed this time? Did Aadi got another hit movie ? Let's see how the story is..

Story : 
Babji(Aadi) is working as a recovery agent in one bank. He knows how to recover the bad loans. Kavya(Namitha Proamod) is the sister of ACP(Abhimanyu Singh). When kavya behave very close with Babji and ACP saw that and warn Babji to leave his sister. But truth is that there is no love or friendship behind them. One day Kavya tried to ran away from her home and same time Babji met her accidentally. Police fixed that them both ran away because they are lovers. Police are trying to catch kavya and the same time another troop is also trying to catch Kavya.

Dorababu (Saikumar) men kidnapped Kavya that time. Main story is who is this Dorababu and why he kidnapped Kavya and how Babji went into troubles.

This time Veerabhadram kept his concentration on fun and written the story. There is no twists in the story but he took care on screenplay. Ego Reddy(Prudhvi) character is very funny and comedy worked out very well. Comedy scenes between Ego Reddy and police will make you laugh. After second half started complete story got revealed and no interesting scenes are there. There is some dragging scenes here. Especially in Saikumar's home scenes are very boring. In first half comedy worked out very well but in second half director failed to maintain the same. Because of saikumar we can watch this for one time. Climax scene is not up-to mark. Weak villain and no competition for hero made the story week. 

Aadi as Babji acting is OK and he has to improve his acting skills. Namitha Pramod has no character and why did director choose her no body knows. Prudhvi justified his role with comedy. Saikumar acting is awesome and his character designed very well.

Technical Department : 
Songs are just OK and background music is not well. Cameramen used his skills and bring richness to the movie. Story is not good and Veerabhadram should take extra care on story. Screenplay is good. 

Positive Points : 
Ego Reddy character 
* First half
* Screenplay

Negative Points :
* S
* Second half 

Final verdict : Go and watch for fun

Art24news Rating : 3.00/5.00