Does Pawan Changed The Moto Of Janasena

Published : May 14, 2016 03:08 am

JANASENA When Pawan Kalyan announced his new party before 2014 elections whole media is focused him that what he is going to do . He came into the politics with the pure hearted and many of his fans and common people supported him in a big way. Prasad V. Potluri a famous businessman and politician joined hands with Pawan and he helped him financially in a big way .

Pvp is one of the accused men in jagan case . He is also a financier to movies and recently he is producing big movies  in both Telugu and Tamil woods . He tried to enter into politics directly by getting MP seat of vijayawada and by participating through janasena party. But his plans got flopped because janasena party tie-up with TDP party and they decided not to participate in 2014 elections.

Now coming to the point in a very recent interview Pvp blames Pawan and he reveals some truths . He told that the actual vision of janasena is a non - political organisation .but Pawan made it exactly opposite that what we thought . That's why many people like me came out of the party silently.

Also he express views on some other biggies . I am not planning to make movie with Pawan . I am close to YSR but I am not involved in crimes. I don't want to do comments on jagan as  I just invested on sakshi to get good returns and I said same thing to CBI also .

Let's wait for Pawan counter on PVP that how he will reacts on this comments .