Dora Movie Review

Published : Jul 01, 2016 10:05 am

Movie : Dora
Banner : Sri Green Productions
Starring : Satyaraj,Sibiraj, Bindu Madhavi, Zachary Coffin
Music : Siddarth Vipin
Producers : Jawaharbabu Jakkam
Director : Dharanidharan
Release Date : 1st of July 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 15mins

As a character artist Satyaraj became very close to audience,From the movie Baahubali his name was recorded as Kattappa in audience. With this fame he introduced his son Sibiraj to film industry. The movie name is "Dora" in which Satyaraj played a prominent role, He told that after this film audience will call him as "dora".In tamil this film was released as "Jackson dorai".Let us see the story of Dora.

Story :
There is a village named Dorapuram in which 1000 people are living. people in the village are scared about Jackson bangla, they believe that there are ghosts in that building, people who goes into that building will never come back. But Higher officials are trying to prove that there are no such ghosts in that building, to do the same they sent S.I Sathya(Sibiraj). As soon as he entered in to village he fell in love with Sarpanch's daughter Vigna(Bindhumadhavi). But Vigna's brother-in-lawVeera (Karunakaran) is already is waiting to marry her, Sarpanch will say that he will give her daughter to the person who goes into the jackson building and come back.  

Both will accept the challenge,So who will come back? whether ghosts are there or not? these things has to see on Screen only. 

Even though formula of the film is to create fear in audience, scenes in the building will give new feel to audience. In British period Dora (Satyaraj) fought against British government but Jackson used to trouble the people a lot. The rivalry between Dora and jackson (
Zachary Coffin) is still there even after their death. What happens when Sathya entered between Dora and jackson in the story.
Most of the story is directed in building only,Even though the film is based on ghosts audience will not feel fear,comedy is up to the mark,compare with other ghost films it is a different film.

Technical Department :
Technically movie will get good marks, Yuvaraj's screenplay is good, 
Siddarth Vipin's music is not bad, direction is not up to the mark but Story selection is good.

Positive Points : 
* Story   
* Sathyaraj   
* First half

Negative Points :   
* Sibiraj   
* Second half

Final Verdict : Different type of story with ghosts in it.

Art24news Rating : 3.0/5.0