Guppedantha Prema Movie Review

Published : Jun 17, 2016 05:02 am

Movie : Guppedantha Prema
Banner : Eye Wink Productions
Starring : Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh, Aishwarya, Noel Sean, Anand, Pratheek,Naveen Neni, Shradda Pancholie, Abhilash
Music : Navneeth Sundar
Director : Vinod Lingala
Release Date : 17th of June 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 01mins

How many we try to to explain new love stories again and again,always there will some new angle in those. If it is old story also directors are trying to make it with some freshness and uniqueness in that story. True love stories will always get good response from audience and movie lovers and many movies prove the same too. In movies all the great love stories looks like a normal stories only but the creativity of the directors made the difference. Now another movie inspired from those stories. That movie is Guppedantha Prema. Now look into the story and review.

Story :
Yuvan (Sai Ronak) enters into the university campus and he feels that his life will starts there because his parents are from that college only and love each other and married in that college itself. Yuvan thought that he will find his life partner in that campus only and he wants to feel the love at first sight feeling and started his journey. But college days started with dull note because of rules and regulations made by college committee and locked the freedom of students. But one girl breaks all the rules and go opposite to all those rules. Her name is Sandy(Aditi Singh). She is the daughter of the Dean (Anand). She is studying in Shillong and came here for her holidays. After looking at her yuvan fell in love with her. He tried to express her love to sandy but she replied that today I am here and tomorrow I will be some where so try to forgot me and leave him after some days.

Yuvan felt very sad about that and went into depression. But Sandy came back and tell to yuvan that you made me fell in love with you  and agrees his love proposal. But when I am in Shillong don't made me feel irritated in phone and I won't tell you where I will be , only when I came back we will meet. She kept all this restrictions to him and he agrees too. Trice Sandy came for him but for fourth time she didn't came back. He wait for years to see her. We have to see this twist on screen only .

Director took many love stories scenes in this movie and he tried to elevate the scenes in a classic way . Movie will starts in slow note and after Sandy entry story starts picking up. There is no space for comedy in this movie. Interval bang is some what interesting and suddenly love story takes triangle turn . Suddenly Sandy changed and try to testing yuvans love. In climax  scenes will be some what boating. These kind of stories is good in readings and writings but won't workout as movies. Director confused audience that is it a love story or college story . 

Technical Department :
Locations are good and  camera work is OK. Songs are okay to hear  but all the songs tunes are listening like same. Back ground music is not up to mark.

Positive Points :
* Sai Ronak action
* Camera work 

Negative Points :
* No comedy
* Weak Narration
* Heroine

Final Verdict :
Audience will feel Painful. Rating : 2.25/5.00