History Created In Rome Elections

Published : Jun 21, 2016 07:16 am

In Historical Rome City a 37 years old Lady created history. By opposing World's Faithful Vatican city rules and traditions, people trusted her words and gave her a full majority to won the elections. She told that i will show stars to Mafia and remove the mafia activities in this city completely. Five Star Movement Party key leader Virginia Elena Raggi won with the big majority and became a Rome Mayor. She got 55% of total votes and won the elections grandly.

For the first time ever in roam elections huge competition got happened between parties because of the mafia, terrorism and black money circulation etc. Last Mayor Ignazio Marino resigned on October. In total 565 seats of greater roam corporation there are 40 lakhs population. In this direct elections five star Virginia got 4,53,806 votes and left party got only 3,20,170 votes. Now Rome people are hoping that she will survive them from the present politics.