Indian Car Models Are Not Following Guidelines

Published : Jun 30, 2016 08:02 am

International companies selling cars in India are not following safety measures properly.  Because of those many wrong incidents is happening on roads. National road safety union member Kamal Soi did this comments recently. Europe,Japan and US cars companies are thinking and using India as dump yard for their useless car models. If they are not following the safety measures the accidents may increase and it's not good for those company reputation. Kamal also said that BMW 3 series car failed in testing and 12 cars broken into two parts. Even Maruthi 800 mode is also not following the proper guidelines . Because of Maruti 800 model 3 lakh citizens lost their life's. At least from now they have to change the models.

On Kamal comments BMW Indian president said that we are following the rules of international cars manufacturers and don't feel insecure by using BMW cars. 

Toyota Kirolskar recall 170 prius cars from 29th of June 2016. Errors in airbag system and curtain shields are not properly installed to that model and because of that reason they announced the recall. 2009-2012 years models are recalled from market completely. Internationally approximately 14.3 lakh cars has recalled in this year.