Indians Facing Heat Of Trump

Published : May 05, 2016 01:56 pm

Donald J. Trump this name is a hot trending topic in India from some days.This is because of his Controversial speeches and comments made on Indian's. As per latest surveys in USA, Donald Trump will be the candidate from republican party. His supporters are in bit worry because of his comments that he made.

He made some secession  comments  like, I won't allow Muslims and i will send back all of them from USA because of them terrorism becoming strong.By his words he is loosing the grip of winning the majority seats. Indian votes are also very high in number in US. 10% of total USA Muslims are from India and they are very strong economically.

Indians are feeling very bad of Trump's words and they are planning to oppose him directly. Firstly our Indian's supported Trump in a big way , now all of them are opposing in the same way.He also declares that i wont allow Indian students to do jobs here and he uttered some senseless words that Indian students are doing cheating and getting jobs here. All these things are getting bad to Trump day by day.

Lets see who will wins the election and becomes the president of USA this November.