Inkokkadu Movie Review

Published : Sep 08, 2016 09:21 am

Movie : Inkokkadu
Banner : NKR Films
Starring : Vikram, Nayantara ,  Nithya Menen , Nassar
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Producers : N Krishna Reddy
Director : Anand Shankar
Release Date : 8th of September 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 35mins

There will always be the freshness in hero Vikram movies. Hit or loss if you keep the result aside his movies always be very innovative and he always trying to show the new angles of acting to audience. That is the reason why he is surviving in industry after many flops after 'Aparichitudu' movie. His recent movie named 'Inkokkadu' movie is released on 8th of September, 2016 between huge expectations. Let's see how the story is..

Story : 
One attack happen on Indian embassy in Malaysia. 80 years old men hit all the people there and killed some people. Police came to know after watching CCTV visuals that after using some drugs that old man became very powerful. That drug name is Speed. After using that drug through mouth any man can become 10 times more powerful instantly. But that effect will stay only for 5 minutes. If that speed go into the hands of bad people it's very dangerous. For investigating that case Akhil (Vikram) went to Malaysia. Akhil is an agent and he lost his wife (Nayantara) in Malaysia 4 years ago. Love (Vikram) is the reason for his wife death. How did Akhil wife died and what Akhil did after he went to Malaysia is the main story.

This movie is a scientific thriller. Starting scenes are good to watch. Akhil went to Malaysia and those scenes are good. Love track is the main twist in this movie. Love character of Vikram and war with enemies is the main concept of this movie. But director Anand Shankar failed to deal these scenes. Whole movie revolves around speed drug only and Anand is unable to show what are the disadvantage of that drug. Heroism scenes are not attractive. In second half screenplay is not gripping. Nithya Menen character is not used properly and the story of Nayantara is also not convincing. Lack of comedy is the main disadvantage and only climax scenes will give some relaxation to audience. 

Vikram just rocked his role and tried to safe guard the movie. In Akhil and Love characters his action is superb. Love character is very good. Nayan character is very serious. Nassar will visible on screen only for few minutes. 

Technical Department : 
Camera work is good to watch. He showed Malaysian beauties in superb way. Harris songs are very old and music is one of the minus point for the movie.

Positive Points : 
* Vikram
* First half
* Locations 

Negative Points :
* Story and Screenplay
* Second half
* Lack of comedy

Final verdict : Inkokkadu lost his speed meter.

Art24news Rating : 2.50/5.00