Is This KJ 104th Year

Published : May 14, 2016 04:48 am

This is KJ 104th year. We know Before Christ and after Christ Years .But who is this KJ. KJ means Kim Jong , Supreme Leader of North Korea . If we ask you what is the date today. your answer will be 1st of MAY 2016. May be there is hours difference around the world timings. But in North Korea's view it’s a wrong date. This calendar year is 104 in their view.

Don't get confused lets reveal the real word behind this .Kim Jong Un's grandfather Kim II Sung born on 15th of April 1912 . After his grandfather’s death Kim Jong Un made a rule that his Grandfather’s birthday year is called as year 1 .This is the first order he passes when he got the ruling authority. So today's year and date is 104 years and 15 days.

So when you went for North Korea's trip don't forgot to purchase their calendar. It’s very interesting right folks !