JaiLavaKusa Review

Published : Sep 20, 2017 07:32 pm

Movie : JaiLavaKusa
Banner : NTR Arts
Starring : JrNTR, Nivetha Thomas, Raashi Khanna, Naditha Raj, Sai Kumar, Pradeep Rawat
Music : DeviSri Prasad
Producers : Nandamuri Kalyanram
Director :  K.S Ravindra

Release Date : 21st of September 2017
Run Time : 2 hours 35 mins

The wait was over. Finally, our Ravanudu Tarak stepped into the theatre with his movie JaiLavaKusa. From last one month where ever we go, we will listen about Tarak because of Bigboss show and Jailavakusa triple roles. Each and every poster, teaser and trailer created a huge buzz around the movie. Especially Jai character increased curiosity in each and every one's minds and made the most awaited movie of the year. Let's have a look into a story once.

Story : 
The movie starts with Jailavakusa childhood backdrop wherein director is showing this in mythology stage show. Jai is very emotional and stuttering. Movie shifts to 20 years later mean now. First character Kusa has introduces with Dochesta song. The song backdrop is krishnastami and good moves by NTR. Kusa is a money lover. His comedy timing is superb. Demonetization joke worked out very well. Kusa and lava reunion scenes are good. Lava is super cool on screen but having tough life professionally and personally. He is sharing his sadness with brother kusa. Kusa is trying to help lava Kumar to overcome his problems. Good comedy so far by kusa . It's time for fight and it's entertaining. Lava and priyadarsini marriage track are going on and good to see on screen. It's time for second song tring tring . Tarak just nailed with super dance moves. Rich sets made this song watch again. It's time for our Ravanasura Jai entrance. What a rocking entrance with goosebumps BGM for Jai entrance. Tarak is rocking as Jai and huge applauds from a crowd as well.  Asura song backdrop is superb. 
           Good first half with all flavors mixed up. Kusa comedy timing, lava super cool performance and Jai entrance are the main highlights. Till now entertaining and interesting first half.
                   The second half started with Jai episodes in Bhairanpur. His attitude is superb and well characterized. Political dialogs are good and interesting. Jai kidnapped lava and kusa for using them to increase his political base. This scene is good and the main twist here. Jai character will give good feel to audience and goosebumps to fans. Ntr is just showcasing his acting talent in all the three characters and he is just nailing it. Kusa comedy episodes are major highlights. It's time for Nekallalona song wherein Jai , Kusa and nivetha starred the screen. Director clearly shows what is the relation between these three in Nekallalo song. Movie is going on good phase. All the three characters are showcasing their acting talents. Entertainment and Jai character are the major highlights till now. It's time for most awaited song Swing Zara. Thamanna dance and Jai steps are the highlights of the song. Goosebumps song on screen. Time for the mythological scene between three brothers. All the three characters Jai, lava, and kusa are on the same screen with different attitudes. This is the biggest highlight of the movie. Nata viswaroopam scenes are going on here. Movie nearing to climax wherein sentiments scenes are portraying here. Mind-blowing climax episode with never expected scenes. Superb second half.
              Just Tarak pulled the entire show here. Except for 10 minutes, every scene in the second half is superb.

Technical Department :
Screenplay by bobby is good. Excellent camera work. BGM is rocking. Super cool music on screen.

Positive Points : 
Jai lava kusa characters
- Sentimental scenes
- songs and BGM
- comedy

Negative Points :
- first 15 minutes in the first half
- Predictable Scenes

Final verdict: Raavana is the winner of this Dasara festival

Art24news Rating: 3.50/5.00