Jakkanna Movie Review

Published : Jul 29, 2016 10:49 am

Movie : Jakkanna
Banner : RPA Creations
Starring : Sunil, Mannara Chopra 
, PrudviRaj, Kabir Duhan Singh, Nagineedu, Sapthagiri
Music : Dinesh
Producers : R Sudharshan Reddy
Director : Vamsi Krishna Akella
Release Date : 29th of July 2016

We know that once upon a time Sunil is a good comedian and he entertain us with his comedy in many movies. But after that he took another turn and became a hero and stopped doing comedy rules in other movies. But recent Sunil movies are disappointed us with lack of comedy. After the flop of Krishnashtami movie he is coming now with Jakkanna movie.

Story :
Nagineedu (School Teacher) and his son Ganesh (Sunil) are living in one village. In his small age Ganesh opted one quality from his father that of anyone helps him he remembers that and help them in reverse. In his small age Ganesh just escaped from the death in the hands of one rowdy (Jeevi). He came to know that because of another rowdy Bhairagi (Kabir Duhan Singh) he is still alive. Ganesh kept that In mind and ready to help him after he grown up. Ganesh is stopping People who is trying to kill bhairagi. At the same time he fell in love with bhairagi sister (Mannara Chopra). Because of ganesh all of the people came to know about bairagi and police trying to arrest him. Because of this bhairagi wants to kill ganesh. Did Bhairagi killed ganesh ? Did ganesh love succeed we have see on screen only.

These days like every mass hero movies, Sunil movies are also having mass fights and dances. But in this movie there is not that much comedy from Sunil. Many actors, punch dialogues are there but there is no comedy. Story line is very small, but director dragged it. Every scene will expect easily. The main story begins after bhairagi enters. There is no logic that one common man tried to save one big villain.

Sunil did justice to his role and did what ever director said. He showed his talent in fights and dances. Comedian Prudhviraj dialogues imitating Balakrishna is OK. Sapthagiri entertain us as a kung-fu master. Heroine Mannara Chopra used only for glamour. Kabir,Satya prakash, Adhurs Raghava did justice to their roles. 

Technical Department :
Ram Prasad camera work is excellent music by Dinesh is OK. Background music is not up-to mark. Director Vamsi Krishna failed to execute the story.

Positive Points : 
* Sunil dances 
* Prudhviraj

Negative Points :
* S
mall Story 
* Lack of comedy

Final verdict : Jakkanna failed this time.

Art24news Rating : 2.75/5.00