Janatha Garage Review

Published : Aug 31, 2016 08:52 pm


Movie : JanathaGarage
Banner : Mythri Movie Makers
Starring : Jr Ntr, Mohanlal , Samantha Ruth Prabhu , Nithya Menen , Saikumar , Unni Mukundan , Ajay, Bramhaji, Devayani
Music : Devisri Prasad
Producers : Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravi Shankar, CV Mohan
Director : Koratala Siva
Release Date : 1st of September 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 40mins

Much awaited movie of the year 2016, Janathagarage finally get released grandly worldwide on 2nd of September 2016. There are lots of expectations on this movie and Jr Ntr fans are going crazy on this movie. With the teaser and trailer director Koratala Siva just increased the expectations to sky-high. Koratala stylish making, Tarak mass looks and Mohanlal acting all these are the special attractions of this movie.  Samantha and Nithya Menen are playing the heroine roles in this movie. Kajal is doing an item song. Dsp tunes for good name among mass and class audience. Even common audience are eagerly waiting for this movie since long time. Finally the day has come. Let's look into the story now.

Story : 
Movie started with superb Bgm and titles. Mohanlal (Satyam) entered into the film as a common man. Satyam brother is studying in Hyderabad and Saikumar is his close friend. After some days Saikumar (Chandrasekhar) became ACP .Satyam brother has a very big family and he is having one garage in his home town. As per Chandrasekhar guidance he started a garage named 'JanathaGarage' in Hyderabad. Villain Sachin Khedekar (Mukesh Raghava) killed Satyam brother for some reasons. For Bike repairs one person is visiting the garage frequently. But suddenly he stopped visiting garage for some days.

Satyam visited their home and came to know the his daughter got raped and killed by some body. Satyam and his Janathagarage team killed the person who raped that girl. From that time Satyam became to big man to Janathagarage and local people everyday will come to garage and tell their stories for resolving . Janathagarage became famous from that time in the city.

Jr Ntr (Anand) entered as a nature lover. Its time for the first song 'Pranamam' .Superb dance moves and good music . Anand is a son of Mohanlal brother and Suresh sister. After his father died Satyam requested to take him far from Hyderabad. They took him to Mumbai and he grown up as a nature lover. Samantha introduced as Bujji. She Is a daughter of Suresh . Anand loved Bujji very much. Nithya Menen entered by sparking crackers and Anand just took class on environment. All of them went to Kerala for nature camp. Second song 'Rock On Bro' is just rocking on screen. Visuals are awesome in this song.

There is a park named 'Joggers Park' in Mumbai with many trees which are supplying huge amount oxygen to Mumbai people. One company is trying to pollute that area without caring about that park. Anand fight against that and closed their project and saved that park. Third song 'Apple Beauty' song is the best song in first half till now. Superb moves by Tarak and settings in that song made us sit in seats.  Anand came to Hyderabad on some project work . Mukesh Raghava try to kill Satyam by doing accident but luckily Satyam is out of danger with some serious wounds. Because of that the whole team stopped the activities. Satyam son Raghava (Unnimukundan) don't like his father activities. He is in love with villains daughter. Mukesh and Raghava occupied some land which is full of mines. Anand came to Hyderabad to settle that one. It's time for internal fight scene and very good stunts by stunt master. He gave back the land to correct owners after taking back from villain. After that fight Anand met Satyam and tell him about his son and his bad thing .  It's time for interval.

Above average first half. Gripping story and Mohanlal completely dominated the first half of the movie. Main plot will reveal in the second half as per present going.

Second half started with Satyam met Anand in his college and requested him to join and help JanathaGarage team. When Satyam is in hospital Vikas (Rajiv Kanakala) who is a strict government employee try to met him seeking  help. He told to Satyam that villain Mukesh applied for hospital license approval which is filled with full of frauds. Mukesh warned him if he won't give permission I will kill you. Because of bad situation of Satyam, his men didn't agree to help Vikas. Janatagarage team accept to help Vikas and called him. Anand went to Vikas and sit with him when villain warning him. Dialogues and fight scenes here by Anand is just rocking and the best part in this movie is these scenes till now.
 The title song 'Jayaho Janatha' started with the theme fighting for people, who are in troubles. One of the best title song which is perfectly sinking with few scene.

Chandrasekhar called Anand and told him to stop all these activities. Chandrasekhar put an enquiry on Anand family and he came to know that he is son of Satyam brother. He went to Satyam and Anand and told the truth. Suresh who is father of Bujji asked Anand to marry her daughter by leaving that garage, but he didn't accept it and requested Bujji to marry some other guy. It's time for 'Ne Selavadigi song', sentimental one. Nithya Menen is a daughter of Chandrasekhar only. She proposes Anand and he simply smiled.

Ajay marriage function happening and 'Pakka Local' song started here. Tarak and Kajal steals the show with speed dance moves. One bomb blast happened in the city and Ajay who is the team member of Janathagarage lost her wife in that and he also died next day. All are thinking that it's a terrorist activity. But Chandrasekhar put an enquiry and find out the truth that it's not terrorists activity , it's done by Mukesh and Raghava. He showed a video to Anand and he find out that Raghava killed Ajay and he is the reason for that bomb blasts. Anand told to Satyam about his son and asked him what to do now. Satyam tell him go kill Raghava without second question. It's time for climax and Anand killed main villain  Mukesh. Raghava requesting Anand not to kill him and he will change. Did Anand killed him or not is the twist here. Please watch it on silver screen only. Second half is just rocking. We can call it as a solid comeback . Super hit second half Performance wise Jr Ntr as usually rocked with his performance. His showed two elevations in this movie. Mohanlal acted very naturally . We can call him as a born actor after watching his performance. Samantha and Nithya Menen characters are very limited and they did justice to their roles. Remaining actors Suresh, Saikumar justified their roles perfectly.

Technical Department : 
Music is the biggest asset for this movie. Dsp just rocked with his foot tapping  numbers. Dop by thiru is mind blowing. His camera work is never before. Screenplay by Koratala Shiva is simply superb. His elevation in mass scenes are never replaceable.

Positive Points : 
* Jr Ntr solid performance
* Mohanlal acting
* Dialogues and BGM
* Second half
* Dances

Negative Points :
* Average first half

Final verdict : Records repairs will done here.

Art24news Rating : 3.5/5.00