Jayalalithaa Wrote A Letter To Hillary

Published : Jun 18, 2016 06:24 am

Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa is a happy woman these days as she won for consecutive second time and created a new era in Tamilnadu political history. Latest new is that she wrote a letter to American democratic party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Jayalalithaa just rise Clinton to sky with her words. She told that I am praying to god that Hillary will be the first lady president in USA . She is the told model foe all the woman in the world and I am one of the them. She congratulate Hillary for the first lady presidential nominee in USA elections. 

On 20th of July 2011 Hillary Clinton met Jayalalithaa in Tamilnadu and they talks many things about politics the same she remembers in that letter. The bonding between both of the leaders are from years politically and personally .