Jyo Achutananda Review

Published : Sep 10, 2016 12:06 pm

Movie : JyoAchutananda
Banner : Varahi Chalana Chitram
Starring : Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya , Regina Cassandra , Pavani Gangireddy, Tanikella Bharani , Chaitanya Krishna
Music : Kalyan Koduri
Producers : Sai Korrapati
Director : Srinivas Avasarala
Release Date : 9th of September 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 08mins

Avasarala Srinivas proved that he is having a stamina to direct a movie with 'Oohalu Gusagusalade' movie. As a actor he proved himself many times and with Oohalu Gusagusalade movie he got super success. His second is with Nara Rohit and Naga Shourya movie named Jyo Achutananda. With advertising posters and teaser he grabbed the attention of audience. Let's see how the movie is..

Story : 
Achyuth (Nara Rohith) and Anand (Naga Shourya) both are brothers. They are like close friends and always ready go do anything for each other. On day Jyo (Regina) came as a tenant with her father on the pent house of these brothers home. After seeing Regina both the brothers fell in love with her. They started fluting her in all the ways. But Jyo said them that I am already in love with another guy and she went to USA. After Achyuth and Anand married with other girls, Jyo came back to India from USA. She express her love by saying I love you to both the brothers. Why she tell them like that, why Jyo left her boyfriend is the main story.

Normally director is trying to show one story to audience, but in this movie Srinivas Avasarala showed us 3 stories at a time. Movie is just 2:08 hours but there is a romantic comedy track in this movie. Audience will definitely wait for next scene and director showed us the thriller part, brothers relationship and family sentiment. One ticket,3 movies this is the main thing we can understand here. Actually story is very small but Avasarala screenplay did magic on screen. From starting scene to ending scene every part of the movie will made you laugh and your mind always question you that what will happen in next scene. Two brothers love one girl, concept is very fresh and in climax scenes we feel heavy in our hearts. After watching this movie one should accept that Avasarala is a good writer as well as very good director too. Both the brothers will tell many lies to their wife's and after they both met the story Turns interesting.

Nara Rohit and Naga Shourya looks like real brothers in this movie. Chemistry between them worked out very well on screen. Regina justified her character. Both the brothers wife's got important characters and they are very good in those roles.

Technical Department : 
Kalyan Koduri tunes and his background score will entertain us through out the movie. Dileep camera work is awesome. Production values are looking rich and we can appreciate producers for this. Through out the movie we can experience the screenplay magic of Srinivas Avasarala.

Positive Points : 
* Story and Screenplay 
* Comedy
* Nara Rohit and Naga Shourya 
* Direction and Dialogues 

Negative Points :
* Slow Second half

Final verdict : Go and watch it, you will definitely love it.

Art24news Rating : 3.25/5.00