Kaashmora Movie Review

Published : Oct 28, 2016 02:09 am

Movie : Kaashmora
Banner : Dream Warrior Pictures
Starring : Karthik Sivakumar , Nayantara , Sri Divya , Vivek ,Madhusudhan Rao , Sharath Lohitashwa
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Producers : S R Prakashbabu , S R Prabhu
Director : Gokul
Release Date : 28th of October 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 44mins

These days directors and producers are attracting the audience with titles only. If audience like the title, there will enough mouth publicity for free of cost. Karthi starrer Kaashmora movie will comes under this genre only. Movie title, Karthi new getup are the main assets of this movie. Previously Karthi did a movie named 'Yuganiki okkadu' and it is a good result at box-office. Now he is again trying to attract the audience with that kind of movie only. Now Karthi is in good form and having back to back hits at Box office. Let's have a look into Kaashmora story here.

Story : 
Kaash alias Kaashmora (Karthi) manipulates people saying that he will liberate souls from them. Despite having no superpower stuff he cheats people with the help of his own family. Kaashmora gives a TV interview saying that all his family members were born with Rohini star and hence we have super natural powers and he publicizes this news himself.

How Raj Nayak (Karthi) a real soul knows about this news ad and why he turned into a soul? What happened 700 years ago? How does Yamini (Sri Divya) investigative student links to Rathnamahadevi (Nayanatara) is the else story.

This is a fantasy story with a link up of present family with a flashback of 700 years ago story. First half of the story goes with the magic of Kaashmora in order to cheat people. These scenes were hilarious. The scenes where Kaashmora convince people that Evils are still prevalent today by using a remote control are very hilarious. 700 years before dynasty equipment used then were shown naturally. Visual effects make eyebrows lift. The way director written the script and showed onscreen was brilliant. Some of the comedy scenes in first half are bit draggy and some of the scenes lack sense but the enthusiasm in story was not over ruled.

Karthi is major plus for this movie. As always Karthi acting was spell bound in all the 3 characters. Heroines doesn't have any sort of role neither glamour nor specific role to perform. Sri divya doesn't have any importance so as Nayantara but she has a lengthy role. Karthi father role played by Vivek brought smiles in everyone. Visually this movie is a blockbuster. 

Technical Department : 
Cinematography by Om Prakash is an add up. Music is Ok by Santhosh Narayanan. The director Gokul has to be appreciated for creating such a grandiose in his 3rd film. Production values are very rich.

Positive Points : 
* K
* Comedy
* Cinematography

Negative Points :
Draggy scenes
* Songs

Final verdict : Kaashmora is an entertainer for people who are getting bored with rotten scripts.

Art24news Rating : 3.00/5.00