Malls And Banks Will Be Opened For 365 Days

Published : Jul 02, 2016 01:03 am

We don't know whether it is a good news or a bad news. Cabinet of Indian government are in discussions to take a revolutionary turn in corporate culture. The topic is the malls , banks , offices, bars and restaurants are going to work 24/7. Only few small countries ate following this method. We don't know whether this will workout in a big country like India or not.

But the guidelines and rules are very strict in this system. Cabinet said that the organizations who are giving high security to ladies working in night shifts and the companies who are giving proper employee benefits are eligible for this scheme. 

So the night life will starts in India if this is happens lots of new jobs will release. This will not cover under factories act 1947. Even entertainment channels like movie theaters and mall are also going to be 365 days open. But the states had to decide the final decision on this. Labour secretary Shankar Aggarwal said that this will creates a thousands of skill jobs and makes the retail markets very vibrant by giving a flexibility of 24/7 shopping to consumers.