Manalo Okkadu Movie Review

Published : Nov 04, 2016 01:17 pm

Movie : Manalo Okkadu
Banner : UNI Craft
Starring : R.P Patnaik , Anita , Saikumar , Nassar , Tanikella Bharani , Sri Mukhi , Gollapudi Maruti Rao , Jayaprakash Reddy , Duvvasi Mohan
Music : R.P Patnaik
Producers : Gurajala Jaganmohan
Director : R.P Patnaik
Release Date : 7th of October 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 24mins

Rp Patnaik introduced as music director and got good name as a director with the movie Broker. His recent flick is Manalo Okkadu and the concept is how media is trying to create sensations. Lots of expectations buildup on this movie because of the trailer. Let's see how the movie is..

Story : 
Krishna Murthy (R.P Patnaik) is a common lecturer who take classes on Social studied in Devaraya college. He treated students as his own children. His wife Sravani (Anita) teaches music classes. He knows only home and children. One girl from that college complaint to media that Krishna Murthy is harassing her. Immediately that channel started bad scrolling on him. Because of that Krishna Murthy lost his job also. His married life also spoiled and society looks him like a thief. Is really he did that ? What is the character of 3rd eye channel MD Prathap (Sai kumar) is the main story.

How One small mistake will spoils the entire life is the main concept of this movie. Patnaik show us that how media Is trying to spoil the name of one innocent person without any evidences. How much impact is there on people because of news channels also showed in this movie. Movie starts with how the atmosphere will be in media offices. No freshness in these scenes. Main twist is how this bad mark Livid on Krishna Murthy. Director tried to keep the grip on screenplay till the ending. Main mistake here in story is Krishna Murthy know who is the villain , but he didn't try to catch him till the climax. Nassar and Saikumar scenes are main highlight of this movie.

Real hero of the story is RP Patnaik only. He completely steals the show. Anita , Saikumar, Srimukhi, Nassar, Mohan, Tanikella Bharani justified their roles. RP looks like real lecturer. Nassar and Saikumar just steal the show with their acting. Jayaprakash Reddy comedy will entertain you for some time. 

Technical Department : 
Music give good backup to the story. Cool BGM will feel you comfortable. Tirumal Nag writings are powerful and blasted good in theaters. Siddarth camera work is nice . 

Positive Points : 
* Story and Screenplay
* A
* Pre climax

Negative Points :
* D
ragged second half
* Climax

Final verdict : Manalo Okkadu will question media.

Art24news Rating : 3.00/5.00