Meeku Meere Maaku Meeme Movie Review

Published : Jun 17, 2016 07:34 am

Movie : Meeku Meere Maaku Meeme
Banner : Nakama Planet Green Studios
Starring : Tarun Shetty, Avantika Mishra, Jenny Honey, Kireeti Damaraju, Bharan Kumar
Music : Sravan
Director : Hussain Sha Kiran
Release Date : 17th of June 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 08mins

Love is one of the feeling. Happy,sad,fights are very common in love and when all these emotions gets added then only it will be a pure love. In old stories our directors gave big big speeches regarding love. But these days directors wants only short love stories. They wants to explain love in a simple way and their stories is very understandable and people loves this kind of stories only. These days people love only touch and go movies. Meeku Meere-Maaku Meeme will comes under this genre only. NANNAKU PREMATHO movie story writer 
Hussain Sha introduced as a director with this movie. Let's see the story now.

Story :
Aadi (
Tarun Shetty) is a guy who always do kiddish things like playing video games,playing with friends etc. this is his life and he don't know any other work to do. He never anythings serious. But he likes Priya (Avantika) and priya likes Aadi too and loves him. Days are passing and they both felt that there is no feeling in their love. Aadi didn't spent time for priya. They both made one timetable to love each other. But they didn't follow that also. Finally they said breakup to each other. I still loves you but you never takes my love serious and why did you love me just tell me one reason so that I will come to your life again said priya to Aadi.

Did Aadi find the reasons or they leave each other ? See this on screen only .Story is very simple and director didn't think about the story that much. But he narrated the story beautifully. Aadi character is good. He designed some scenes like timetable scenes very cleanly. Aadi friend kiriti love story makes us laugh. Comedy will makes us laugh but not that much. After interval director lost the grip on the story and confused himself. There is no twists in the story. We can easily estimate the up coming scenes. Heroine role is OK.

Technical Department :
Photography is good to see. Music is not up-to mark. Screenplay by 
Hussain Sha is very impressive.

Positive Points :
* First half
* Comedy
* Tarun Shetty performance

Negative Points :
* Second half

Final verdict :
Time pass love story Rating: 2.75/5.00