Owasi Speaks Senseless

Published : May 14, 2016 04:49 am

When we call Bharat mata ki jai slogan we feel goosebumps in our body.We can't explain the feeling that we feel when we say those words. Every Indian will say this slogan at least once in their life time. 

India has a mixed culture of different religions living here. Hindus,Muslims,Christians and many more religious people are living here from many years.They are living their life in peaceful manner.

But some people these days are creating nonsense by uttering senseless speeches in public meetings and trying to divide the people in the mask of religion for their own uses. Recently Asaduddin Owaisi , Party President of MIM from Hyderabad spoke some senseless words in his speech. He said that Muslims should not say Bharat mata ki jai slogan as Allah won't forgive them if they says that word.

A group of lady Muslims yesterday scolded Asaduddin that how you will say these words like this.Allah never say this kind of things to their devotees.And they said that We born in India and we are proud to Indians , Bharat mata ki jai. This shows us that the politicians are trying to divide the people for their political life but people has to think what is happening behind them .