Pawan Met Vinod's Family

Published : Aug 25, 2016 11:17 am

As we know that because of fan wars in Tirupati a person named Vinod Royal died recently. Vinod is a Pawan Kalyan fan and he is very active in participating every Pawan kalyan involved functions and programs. Previously he attended many audio functions of power star movies. He tried to meet Pawan also some times, but because of some situations he couldn't met him.

On 24th of August 2016 Vinod fight with some other top hero fans and there is a bad quarrel happened among them. Unfortunately Vinod died in that incident in a sad way. Police are investigating about this case and in their first report they came to know that it's a death because of fan fights.

Power star Pawan kalyan met Vinod's family on 25th of August 2016. After seeing Vinod's mother crying he felt very sad and tears came out of his eyes. Pawan also told I never encourage this kind of fan wars and I am feeling very angry on the person who did this to Vinod. Pawan is always with his fans and he is always in their hearts.

A request from our side is please don't do this kind of things. Today total Vinod's family is suffering because of his death.