Pawan Powerful Speech

Published : Aug 27, 2016 10:12 am

Power star Pawan kalyan held second public meeting of his party Janasena in Tirupati on 27th of August 2016. He came to Tirupati for death ceremony of his fan and also planned for this meeting. His fans only completely ready the arrangements for this meeting. He started the meeting with powerful words. Let's see some important points in Pawan speech now.

* Special status is Telugu people's right. Central government has to give it to Andra Pradesh state. 

* Like Congress government BJP also cheating Ap. 

* Previously Congress MP's begged their high command like please madam ... madam ... madam please... now our Ap MPs are doing the same like sir please sir please please.

* In parliament and Rajyasabha most people know Hindi only and I am requesting our MPs to go for Hindi learning classes and fight for special status in Hindi.

* My daughter is Christian and I am Hindu. Please don't try to rub caste on me.

* I am accepting with CBN words that we have to respect central government ,but I am requesting CBN and MPs not to keep Telugu pride upfront of central government legs.

* I will do anything for youth and Telugu people, but not for political parties.

* Venkaiah Naidu and Arun Jaitley , when these two people are talking I am feeling irritated. Venkaiah told that why we need special status. Taking back the words is not good Venkaiah Naidu garu. 

* I will do movies and politics simultaneously. I don't have money so I am doing movies. My previous movie didn't run well so I didn't get money. I am asking you to watch my next movie. 

* I am requesting MODI to see Telugu people's situation, not our MP's. Our Telugu state MPs are very rich, not Telugu people.

* I am not a tail of TDP and I am not going to join BJP .

* I think for 2 years and choose 3 stages to fight for special status . First stage will be going to each and every district head quarter and held public meetings. Second stage will be open fight on central government and final stage is go on roads and do public dharnas. 

* BJP cheated AP in the stage of Rajahmundry and so I decided to start my first meeting in Rajahmundry on 9th of September 2016.

* I am requesting Ashok Gajapati Raju garu to resign from his job and demand for special status if central government is not listening his words.

* Final slogan from Pawan is "Ham ladange... ham jeet le saat ladange... Jai hind"