Pelli Choopulu Movie Review

Published : Jul 29, 2016 10:49 am

Movie : Pelli Choopulu
Banner : Dharmapatha Creations, Big Ben Cinemas
Starring : Vijay Deverakonda, Ritu Varma, Anish Kuruvilla, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Nandu
Music : Vivek Sagar
Producers : Raj Kandukuri, Yash Rangineni
Director : Tharun Bhascker
Release Date : 29th of July 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 05mins

Directors should think in such a way that what audience are expecting? how we can satisfy them with our film??
In reality audience are not expecting more from any film it should consists of simple story and mixture of little comedy, Sentiment and good music.

Pelli choopulu film belongs to this category only. Yevade Subramanyam fame Vijay Devarakonda acted in as a hero.Let us see how New director,new heroine and new actress did in this film. 

Story :
Hero prashanth (Vijay Devarakonda), an engineer, who is interested in cooking wanted to become a famous chef. He is bored with his fathers words wanted to prove him as a great chef. on the other side hero see the heroine Chitra (Ritu varma) in Pelli choopullu. Chitra already had a boy friend (break up) at that both don't like Pelli choopullu. They share their views opinions in a talk. And finally are they going go marry? has to see in silver screen.

Director choose a good movie. The characters in the movie are natural. Action of both hero and heroine are good. Actors friends character (priyadarshan) played good. Hope to have a new comedian. Though all the characters are new, every one given their best. Interval scene, connecting her heroine  with a radio concept,are good.

Technical Department :
Music by Vivek Sagar is good.  Photography is looking nice. 

Positive Points :
* Story, Screenplay
* Characterization
* Comedy
* Music

Negative Points :
* Scattered Slow Narration
* Climax

Final verdict :  Pelli Choopuli Movie can be watched as a comedy cool entertainer.

Art24news Rating : 3.25/5.00