Powerstar Punches Slapped Those Politicians

Published : Sep 09, 2016 09:51 am

Central government is telling us from past two years that they are ready to give special status to Andra Pradesh state, but they finally gave two spoiled laddus to our state. This is the comment made by Janasena Party leader Pawan Kalyan at Kakinada roadshow meeting on 9th of September 2016. TDP and BJP leaders told to people that they are giving special status but finally they cheated us. Their positions are important for them more than people's problems. I don't have any kind of fights with any party. I am warning the politicians who are trying to escape from helping Ap state people. I am requesting them not to increase the problems of people.

Pawan Kalyan give Powerful speech in Kakinada 'Seemandrula Aatmagourava sabha'. He told that not only North Indians, South Indians are also having lots of love on India and we respect our laws. He requested people to say 'Bharath Maata ki Jai' and huge response came from audience there.

Some people are saying that TDP and BJP parties are backing me and pushing me. Those are nonsense talks and I am not a kid, I know how to take decisions. Both the Congress and Bjp parties cheated Ap people . Congress is having 150 years history, but there is no ethics in that party now. They are not following Lal Bahadur Sastry ethics and Indira Gandhi words. In 2004 elections they just played games for their positions in party. Congress back stubbed Ap people and Bjp cut our stomach. Both the parties just spoiled the good atmosphere in Telugu states. Why these north politicians are against our state and my fight is on those greedy north politicians. Those politicians splinted the states without doing justice to both the states. They didn't give high court to Telangana and special status for Ap. 

I am here to explain you how we got cheated. I won't say to participate in YSRCP party bundh, I am leaving it to you. My opinion is why you are doing bundh and losing money. Politicians has to fight on this, why always people has to do.

When our state got divided I didn't have food for 11 days. I felt very bad that Telangana politicians are talking bad about Ap politicians. In parliament some goons attacked Tdp party MP Konakalla Narayana and I felt very sad that time.

I am ready to leave my MP seat to Pawan, this is the comment made by Anakapalli MP avanthi Srinivas. Today Pawan responded on this that Srinivas garu please do resignation to your post and fight for people and we will support you for sure. Janasena party will be with you in next elections too if you help people. I left my brothers, Sisters and supported Tdp and Bjp parties. I am not a kid to learn politics from Tdp politician TG Venkatesh. He sat on the seat where janasena party left it. I am ready to talk about his factories and how they are polluting whether in kurnool. I don't know how to do political dramas like our MP's . At least now Congress and Bjp parties has to say sorry to Telugu people and solve the problems.

Finally power star left the stage saying Jai Hind...