Premam Review

Published : Oct 07, 2016 06:07 am

Movie : Premam
Banner : Sitara Entertainments
Starring : Naga Chaitanya Akkineni , Madonna Sebastain, Shruti Haasan, Anupama Parameswaran, Chaitanya Krishna, Praveen, Srinivasa Reddy, Brahmaji, Prudhvi Raj
Music : Gopi Sunder, Rajesh Murugesan
Producers : S. Naga Vamshi
Director : Chandu Mondeti
Release Date : 7th of October 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 16mins

Premam the movie which created sensation at Malayalam box-office is coming to Tollywood with remake. After many days Chaitanya acting as a lover boy in this movie. Love, Romance and emotions are the main concepts and assets of this movie story. Let's see how the story is..

Story : 
Movie started with Nagarjuna voice. Vikram (Naga Chaitanya) introduced as a 10th class student in Tadepalligudem village. Very pleasant atmosphere and awesome locations showed here. Vikram is looking like a cute boy as a SSC student. He perfectly opted to that role. He started his first love story with his classmate Suma (Anupama Parameswaran). He always try to bluff her and propose her. Anupama acting is very good, but dubbing for her have to be better. Naga Chaitanya is looking so young. His try became failed and Suma get married with some other guy.

Story moved to year 2005 and Vikram introduced as a engineering student. His looks with full beard is just rocking and awesome. This is the first time Chaitanya looking very mass and this scene will surely make B and C centers go crazy. Cycle chain fight and dialogues here are very good and highlight scene till now. Sithara (Shruti Haasan) introduced as a lecturer now. She is looking like a angel in the Saree. She completely dominated the screen with her screen presence. Vikram saw her for the first time and fell in love with her. After some time he came to know that she is the lecturer and started roaming around her. These scenes are just ordinary. Sithara complained to principal about Vikram behaviour in class. Principal ordered his to bring his parents to college. Venky cameo here as a uncle of Vikram. Awesome cameo and character for Venky here. First half came to an end. Sithara - Vikram story came out very well. Songs just went into flow. Good first half.

Second half started with super hit 'Evarey Evarey' song. Vikram and Sithara chemistry is worked out very well in this song. Beautiful song in recent times. Sithara and Vikram started moving closely and almost they are loving each other without proposing. College dance competition announced and sithara started training Vikram and friends for that competition. Vikram dance moves are awesome here. Till now all is well. But suddenly unexpected thing happens to sithara and she lost his memory, even Vikram too. Vikram don't want to tell that story to her and leave her with sadness. Heart touching scenes here will crush your heart for sure. Sithara married with some other guy. Again movie moved to year 2016. Vikram new started. Time for the song 'Bang.. Bang' Chaitanya is liking ultra stylish. His costumes and his getup is very stylish and superb. Madonna Sebastain is gorgeous. Some slow narrated scenes disturbed the flow. Finally Vikram finds a girl and married her. It's time for climax. Feel good climax with lighter vein scenes. Nagarjuna appearance as guest role is good to see. 

"Naa Jaatakam lo S ane letter tho start ayye name unna ammaye naa wife avutundi" dialogue by Chaitanya is highlight. Good First half and Ok Second half. But you will fell in love with this movie. 

Technical Department : 
Camera work is awesome. Scenarios are shorted very well here. Screenplay is the main asset of this movie. BGM is very cool and suited to this movie. Music is OK, two songs are rocking. 

Positive Points : 
Naga Chaitanya and Shruti acting
* Venkatesh and Nagarjuna cameo
* Music and Screenplay
* Richness in making

Negative Points :
* W
eek execution of Emotional scenes 
* Dragged scenes in second half

Final verdict : Go and watch without comparing original version

Art24news Rating : 3.25/5.00