Ruler Of The 21st Century

Published : May 08, 2016 02:35 pm

Kim jong un , this name is trending  worldwide these days. Do you get to know who he is ? He is none other than North Korea's Supreme Leader. One of the most popular President in the world these day's.He invented new calendar and years on his grand father's name and that years are not like our calendar, it's completely a different one.

North Korea media praising Kim jong Un for his ruling their country. They called him as 21st century inspirational man and people's warrior. Even many enemy countries of North Korea don't even dare to involve in his country matters.Till now he didn't show his back to his enemies as per their media news.

After a long 40 years time, they are celebrating their party establishing day in a grand manner. Media released special articles on his name for this celebrations.Now Korea people wants to promote Kim Jong as supreme leader as he completed his 4 years ruling. 70 days biggest planning also completes by Monday. Internationally he stopped many imports to his country and he never changes his mind on this decision .He encourages local talent of his people.

That's why media is praising his in a very good way.