Selfie Raja Movie Review

Published : Jul 18, 2016 12:07 am

Movie : Selfie Raja
Banner : A K Entertainments Banner
Starring : Allari Naresh, Sakshi Chaudhary, Kamna Ranawat, Ballireddy Prudhviraj, Ravi Babu, Thagubothu Ramesh
Music : Sai Karthik
Producers : Chalasani Ramabrahmam Chowdary
Director : G Eshwar Reddy
Release Date : 15th of July 2016
Time Duration : 2hours 08mins

Allari Naresh is famous for making spoofs on other big actors in Tollywood. With his natural acting he gave birth to those scenes. But these days people felt that those scenes became routine and they are not interested in watching those movies also. But he tried other general movies but they also got bombed at box-office. By keeping all these things in mind he made Selfie Raja movie. Let's see how the movie is.

Story :
Raja (Allari Naresh) is a kind hearted person but he can't able to stop his mouth. He always do silly things and tells lies to all the people. Because of his mentality his neighbors fell into problems. These qualities made police commissioner daughter Swetha close to him. They fell in love and marry after understand each other.

Because of Raja words one problem got created and that made them both divided. Raja wants to kills himself but he can't did that. He gave contact to Mams (Ravi Babu) to kill him. Mams joined hands with Bheems (Allari Naresh) to kill Raja. Did Mams and Bheems killed Raja or not is the main story. 

Confusion comedy stories are common for Telugu audience and with the same formula director did this Selfie Raja movie. There is no freshness in the story and screenplay. People won't find any kind of logic in the story and many scenes will feel as silly. But Allari Naresh tried some spoofs and made people entertain for some time. One heroine, one hero and one villain is the main concept of the story. 

First half is OK with love track. In second half dual characters revealed and the story is on track. But lots of confusion will be there and audience can't even understand who is hero and who is villain in some scenes.

Allari naresh did a decent job as usually and feel audience happy with his comedy. Scenes between Naresh and 
Prudhviraj is the highlight. Prudhviraj dialogues made us whistle in theaters. Krishna Bhagavan, Shankar did a OK job.

Technical Department :
Music is so so and not up-to mark. Back ground score is good. Camera work is looking good. Screenplay is bit confusing. Production values are great. 

Positive Points : 
* Allari Naresh and Prudhviraj Scenes
* Comedy Spoofs
* Twists

Negative Points :
* Routine Story
* Second Half

Final verdict : 'Spoof' Raja

Art24news Rating : 2.75/5.00