Those Parties Lost Their Identity In Telangana

Published : Jun 17, 2016 06:29 am

Now the TRS party increases their members to 90 in Assembly and became a single largest party by acquiring more than 80% of the total seats in Telangana State. In 2014 elections Telangana Rashtra Samithi party won 63 seats and forms government in Telangana. After that KCR strengthen their party from roots by attracting other party members and he got succeed in doing the same. 

12 members from TDP,7 members from Congress,3 members From Ysrcp,2 members from BSP joined in TRS till now. This is the first time ever that these many members joined in another party in this past 50 years. After the formation of Telangana State Congress party tried to merge TRS Party into them. But time is bad for Congress and TRS grown like a banyan tree in the state and swallowing the Congress. Congress is a national party and it can survive but very bad situations are running for them these days.

TDP and YSRCP parties are trying to show their identity and TDP is having Second level cadre and they are trying to survive the party. The main position for TRS as of now is Congress only. In 2014 elections Congress won 21 seats and now they had only 14 and many more are trying to jump into TRS party. As per our sources another 5 MLA's may jump into TRS by this month end. In total 119 seats TRS -90, Congress -14 ,MIM-7,BJP-5, TDP-3 ,CPM-1 .CPI one and only MLA Ravindra Nayak joined TRS before many day's.