Trump Statement On Orlando Incident

Published : Jun 13, 2016 12:31 pm

An Incident took place in Gay Night club in the city of American Central Florida, Orlando. An ISIS terrorist attacked in Night club and Gunned 53 Americans, in this scenario  Donald Trump is gaining public support on his statement that not to allow the Muslims to enter into the American country. 

American citizens and netizens are strongly agreeing with Trump's word to be strict to suppress the Terrorism. On behalf of Republican party, Donald Trump demanded American president Obama to resign for not strongly opposing Orlando's club incident. He also said that Obama is unable to declare that ISIS is responsible for this massacre. Trump said that our political leaders are weak to stop these kind of incidents, he also mentioned that in future he tries his level best to stop this kind of Terrorism. Trump is trying to highlight the Orlando incident in his Campaign.

According to analysts more chances are there for Trump's Victory against Hillary. Let us wait and see the political drama of America.