Why Trump Is Silent These Days

Published : Jun 22, 2016 02:01 am

Donald Trump is the Republican Party Presidential Candidate of USA, Suddenly became a silent man by stopping senseless comments on other countries. Trump always did controversial comments previously and now he is not opening his mouth regarding this. As per the analytics Trump got instructions from his party members that because of those comments, they will effect the party name. Trump listened their words and kept Levendosky who is the political advisor aside from election campaigns.

Till yesterday Trump just used all kind of negative comments on other countries and citizens. He oppose Muslim's in a rude way like every Muslim in the world is a tribal men and they don't have sense, these comments became most controversial. He also said that every Muslim in the world supported the attack of twin towers and Muslim community got anger on his with this issue. After some days he again commented that Muslim's and Arabs who is living in America I will take a post of them and decide what to do.

He also blamed India and China countries. China spoiling the trade business with their mindless business techniques and if I will win as president I won't allow China to play these kind of silly games. He commented on India that because of Indians only many American citizens don't have jobs and once I became president I will send many of them back. He also said that I will build a wall between America and Mexico and Mexican government got serious in these comments. But from some days he stopped blaming them and he told many times that he don't had anger on India, China, Mexico and Arab countries. Trump told that I don't like rivalry with other countries and I just need the development of my own country USA.