Jeevitha Fired On Star Hero

Published : Dec 27, 2016 07:38 am

Actress Jeevitha Rajashekar fired on present Heroes and Directors for downgrading values. In a recent interview she said some dialogues in our films today are vulgar and irritating that leaves me in disgust. 

      She said that a Star Hero's dialogue uttered to Heroine left his fans in mere shock but they couldn't open up about this as they are in a veil called Fanism. She referred to dialogue in Temper film where Kajal says "Ma kukkalu crossing ki vachayi konchem help chestara" for which Jr.NTR replies saying "Memu crossing ki vachi chala kalam aindi mamalni evadu patinchukodu". Jeevitha said that this dialogue is the proof to show that our films are degrading having no values for our culture and younger generation will further be affected by this.

         Makers of our films are putting cheap dialogues to get attention from youth and our so called Star Heroes uttering those senseless dialogues. A thin border between boldness and vulgarity must always be maintained by our Directors and Heroes.