Saptagiri Express Movie Review

Published : Dec 24, 2016 08:41 am

Movie : Saptagiri Express
Banner : Sai Celluloid Cinematic Creations
Starring : Sapthagiri, Roshini Prakash, Ali, Shakalaka Shankar, Posani Krishna Murali, Sayaji Shinde, Ajay Ghosh, Siva Prasad
Music : Bulganin
Producers : Dr. K. Ravi Kirane
Director : Arun Pawar
Release Date : 23rd of December 2016
Time Duration : 2 hours 11 mins

Sapthagiri enters the list of Comedian turned Hero with his new film "Saptagiri Express" directed by Arun Pawaar. Did he giggled audience with his mark comedy or amazed with Heroism? Check the review to know

Story : 
Sapthagiri, son of Shiva Prasad (Shiva Prasad) a righteous constable dreams to be an actor and desires to fulfill it but his father wants him to be an IPS officer. He falls in love with Roshini Prakash (Poornima) who takes new entry in his colony. Shiva Prasad gets brutally encountered because of this Sapthagiri gets his father job. How he finds out the mystery behind his father's encounter and how he fights them? is the story to be watched. 

     Not many know that this film is a remake of Kannada "Thirudan Police". The originality is missed in some cases. Introduction scenes are funny where Sapthagiri roam on roads to get a chance as an actor. Single take DVSK dialogue attracts audience. After his father's death the emotional scenes are carried well but the director made revenge drama too funny which diverts emotion into comedy. But this is expected because Sapthagiri is the hero and he can't elevate heroism in first film itself.

     Sapthagiri tried to show that he can do everything and he succeeded in doing so. Shakalanka Shankar role make audience laugh. No particular role for heroine. Production values are good with rich visuals. Dialogues and mostly punches are nice. Music beats are good could have been better. Director justified in portraying Sapthagiri as Hero but revenge drama is not handled properly which is main strength to the script.

Positive Points : 
- Sapthagiri
- Comedy scenes
- Emotional scenes

Negative Points :
- Routine story
- Second half

Final verdict : Finally Sapthagiri Express lagged but made everyone laugh.

Art24news Rating : 2.50/5.00