Will NTR Break 9 Sentiment

Published : Dec 27, 2016 09:10 am

As we all know Nandamuri family is very fond of number 9 especially Jr.NTR, he owns 9999 registration to all his cars for which he never step back to pay big amount. He bought Harley Davidson bike while inaugurating Harley Davidson showroom in Hyderabad, Including this he owns 3 bikes and 10 cars which truly shows his love towards sports cars and bikes. Whenever a new model comes into market he immediately buys it without a second thought but completely focuses on registering his vehicles with number '9'.       

           Surprisingly, his fondest number didn't work for his films it seems. His 9th film Samba directed by V.V.Vinayak is a flop and second multiple of 9, 18th film Shakthi directed by Meher Ramesh is a disaster and now third multiple of 9, 27th is his next project. This film is to be directed by Bobby under Nandamuri home banner NTR Arts by his brother Kalyanram. This film goes to sets on after Sankranti and planning to release in August. Lets hope he overcomes this bad sentiment and gets a phenomenal success than Janatha Garage.