Be Aware With WhatsApp Gold

Published : May 29, 2016 03:16 am

Every 2 members out of four are using whatsApp in India these days. Every mobile device is having whatsApp future and all the mobile manufacturing companies releasing the inbuilt whatsApp version to the user. Everyday 200 crore messages and 26 crore images are transferring to each other in whatsApp. It is a user friendly app ever for messaging , means even a new user can understand it very easily.

WhatsApp symbol is green in color. But these days one message is circulating that update the whats app gold by clicking the below link. Many of the users tried to do it but no update is given. Now know the truth what if you tried to install it. This whatsApp gold link is a fake link filled with malware and when you click it the hacker send virus into your system that will rob your secret files like passwords,images by breaking firewall systems.

So be careful when you tried to click it. Better avoid it and delete the link when you received .