Best Settings In WhatsApp

Published : May 14, 2016 04:45 am

3 Best settings in WhatsApp that which we are using regularly : WhatsApp the sensational App in Play store, I store and Windows store has came up with many new features. WhatsApp keeps on updating its software to eliminate bugs and give a high end experience to the customers. WhatsApp web is also a secession. The 3 new settings which WhatsApp has launched are as follows :

1) Data Protection
2) Data Usage
3) Privacy Protection

1) Data Protection: We may loose phone some times or reset the phone due to any software issues, and during this time we may loose data and some important information. For this we can store the data in Google Drive and we can do this on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. The best option is to save on a Daily Basis.So that we don't tense because backup is there.

2) Data Usage : The more we use the more data we consume.These days data charges are very high and common man can afford that rates.  We can't restrict what others send but we can restrict what we download so we can save the data.So don't keep auto download and wastes your data.

3) Privacy Protection : We can secure our data by new end to end encryption provided by whatsApp. For this we have to update the software. By this we can protect the data without getting hacked.No one can't read if they hack our id also. Lock security is there.That will prevent third eye .