Built A House In 5 Minutes

Published : Jul 08, 2016 03:58 am

Construction of house will take few months,how it would be if it completes within few minutes!!

Yes, with this thought an organisation in Australia came forward. They are constructing shelter like houses within minutes, this house can be folded and ported to any place. An Australian organisation named Humanihut started this project in view to provide shelter to all within less cost and less time. 

Organisation officials said that these houses are very much helpful for Natural disaster victims, orphans. These houses can be used for short term and long term necessities Each unit is made of iron with 8 feet height and 22 feet width. Power supply is provided by solar panel fixed on top, water purifiers and heaters also available in this house. Within 5 minutes this house can be built.company is saying that 16 houses can be ported in a single shipping container.

For more information about Humanihut Please click this link.Watch this video