Lifi Is Much Better Than Wifi

Published : May 29, 2016 02:44 am

Technology is growing big day by day and many upgraded versions are introducing into market for attracting users. Users are also ready to spent money for using latest technology to simplify their life. WiFi introduced by NCR Corporation and AT&T Corporation in 1991. When it started there is a access for limited users. The complete version got ready in the year 2004 and users got full access  to use it. It's a revolution in the worlds technology market that now every corporate and individual user using it in everyday life.

Now upgraded version of WiFi is going to come very soon. It's not a upgraded version but its a modern version that can make us thrill with its features. Light Fidelity (Li-fi ) is the name and its Specialties are full of advanced technology that we can't even trust but it is true. Li-Fi will give speed 100 times more than Wi-Fi that we can download a 23 movies in just 1 second. For this you just need one LED bulb in your house that may connect from LiFi device. From Led bulb's light it will take the signals and provide you the signals.

France company Oledcomm named company developing this technology.Normally if 5 or more members connected to one WiFi the speed will get decreases.But in Li-Fi it will provide the same speed to all the users.It this technology get develops completely we will enjoy the real quality of internet.