No Need To Use Phone For Whatsapp

Published : May 14, 2016 04:46 am

Are you shocked ? Whatsapp is care of address for new technologies. That's the reason why 100 crores users are using whatsapp regularly. We can use whatsapp in our personal laptops but many users are using from smart phones . Very soon we can use all features from our personal Computers also. We can do text messaging and file sharing from Personal Computer also. In windows and Max operating systems we can use these features.

One twitter account released these features which is not linked to whatsapp. Main twist here is  even we can use whatsapp in PC but most people feel uncomfortable as per surveys . If you want to use it in PC you have to connect your mobile to internet.  Always browser has to be kept open. This is the major drawback for whatsapp web.

Hope they will clear all the drawbacks very soon.