The Record Breaking Satellite Mission PSLV C34

Published : Jun 22, 2016 09:07 am

On Wednesday 9.36am IST 22nd of June 2016, a PSLV-XL named PSLV-C34 was launched to the space from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota with 20 satellites from which 17 of them were from the foreign countries and 3 were Indian.

India sent a Cartosat-2 series which are similar to Cartosat 2A and 2B. These Satellites are used for the earth's observation. India also sent two micro Satellites for the Indian Colleges, College of Engineering Pune and Satyabama University Chennai. The foreign Satellites launched were M3MSat (Canada), SkySat Gen2-1 (USA), LAPAN-A3 (Indonesia), BIROS (Germany), GHGSat-D (Canada), 12 Dove Satellites (USA).

This is India's 14th PSLV-XL launch out of which Chandrayaan and Mars orbiter mission were one of the critical and well known missions in history.

In this particular launch India demonstrated their capability to place satellites in two different orbits in a single launch by igniting one of its engines in the fourth and the final stages and moved further few kilometers into the space. India plans to use this capability in their next mission.

India made a record of sending most number of satellites in the year 2008 by sending 10 satellites but it was broken by NASA (USA) in 2013 by sending 29 satellites but Russia in 2014 sent 33 satellites and holds the present world record. Now India broke its own record by sending a total of 20 satellites.

- By Abhinav Surapaneni