World's Biggest Project Establishing In India

Published : May 07, 2016 12:11 pm

World's biggest Thirty Meters Telescope (TMT) project is going to establish in Ladakh district , Jammu kashmir ?

Sources are saying it's true. Actually this project has to be establish in huawei ,USA. For exploring secrets of space TMT project has started.First they thought of establishing this in island Mauna Kea, Huawei. Because of local protesters oppose this Huawei Supreme court didn't allowed this project to start there.
This project has to be started in 2015 itself. But Huawei supreme court makes its more delay.As per court instructions Huawei agencies are trying to complete the processes.But TMT took investments ,technical values and time they are searching for alternative places.They selected Chile,Hanley,Ladakh locations.

India is having 10% partnership in TMT project.China,Japan,Canada,US are also the Co-partners of this prestigious project.In India this project is handled by science research and atomic energy ministry department. If this project comes to India our fate will changes and our dreams of exploring universe will comes true.Our Indian youth will also gets lots of job sand local development also happens.

It helps in developing of technology and research sectors in India.Hope this will comes true.